Aims & Objectives

The Aims and Objectives of VOPIO will include the followings:

· National Movement for the Revival of Christian Heritage in the UK. This will involve a re-visiting, re-digging and restoring the ancient Apostolic and Prophetic wells of Christian Faith left behind by our Founding Fathers, e.g the Wesley Brother, John Buyan, Charles Spurgeon, Wigglesworth, William Wilberforce. Just to mention a few.( Gen.26:17).

· Creating and promoting awareness of the importance of raising Prophetic Prayer Altars in our Churches, Homes and Communities.

· Campaign For the Re-introduction and promotion of strong Home based/ Family Bible Studies.

· Prophecy, Prayer and Impartation Training School.

· Advocacy and Promotion for the establishment of Community Christian Based Library Studies.

· Promoting National Christian Youth Evangelism and Prayer Movement.(The Josiah Generation).

· Organising(or jointly)Apostolic- Prophetic conference on Global Spiritual Awakening of the Church.

· Promoting Global National Prayer Of Repentance And Revival Meetings.

· Prophecy Exposition, Publication of Religious books and dissemination of the Gospel of Jesus through various media...Tv, Radio, Internet, Magazine etc.

· Quarterly Prayer Meetings For Women in the Leadership and Pastors Wives.