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Our Mission:


Voice of Prophecy International Outreach is a Para-Church Prophetic and Apostolic organisation, registered as a charitable company in the UK. The ministry is established as a catalyst to raise the awareness of the importance of the Prophetic Office for the coming Global Revival of the Universal Church and as a Forum for the Voice Of God to the world at large.


Our Mission

As a prophetic ministry, VOPIO in its operation puts more emphasis on the cohesive function of the five-fold ministry in which each office understands its functions in relation to the others. VOPIO believes that the end time Prophetic Ministry should be pattern around the prophetic mandate of John the Baptist, speaking to influence every sphere of human endeavour.


Aims & Objectives

The Aims and Objectives of VOPIO will include the followings:

· National Movement for the Revival of Christian Heritage in the UK. This will involve a re-visiting, re-digging and restoring the ancient Apostolic and Prophetic wells of Christian Faith left behind by our Founding Fathers, e.g the Wesley Brother, John Buyan, Charles Spurgeon, Wigglesworth, William Wilberforce. Just to mention a few.( Gen.26:17).



Our Programs

There is a need to briefly mention the necessity and the need for counselling especially at this time of global pressures in diversity. Counselling in general attempts to provide encouragement and support and guidance for those who are facing different issues of life. Such issues include: health, marriage, bereavements, employment, depression, career/education, business and finance, losses,


February 1999

America shall experience its worst cases of terrorism in its history, which will involve the destruction of aeroplanes and major economic centres.

We believe in the divine inspiration and authority of the Holy Scriptures.
— 2 Timothy 3:16-17