Our Ministries

National Prophetic Prayer Movement.

  • This is an Intercessory Prayer movement inspired to dislodge territorial spirit over our cities. Spiritually every city is being controlled by different levels of demonic power with human agent as accomplice (Acts 8:9-11). Intercession is therefore our potent ‘Air Force’ arsenal with which to invade satanic kingdom consisting of principalities, power, the rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12). 
  • The purpose of the National Prophetic Prayer Movement is to travel to specific cities/regions across the UK (as led by the Spirit) with Prophetic Intercessors as member of the “Prayer Air Force.” If you are called to be an intercessor, and interested in this movement, you are free to join.


Mizpeh School of Prophecy and Prayer.

  • Trains and mentors emerging young prophets. It also aims at training believers how to move and operate in the prophetic.


Organising quarterly Intercession for Women in the Leadership Ministry and Pastors Wives.


Pastoral and Spiritual Counselling services to Church leaders, Professional from difference spheres of life.


Itinerant Preaching Ministry by Prophet Johnson Akinfenwa.

  • Prophet Johnson receives invitation to minister (National or Overseas) in Apostolic and Prophetic conferences, Anniversaries, Church Services, Wedding/ Naming Ceremonies and Funerals


Organising Revival and Spiritual Awakening Teaching conferences. 



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