Community Counselling Services 

The Need for counselling

There is a need to briefly mention the necessity and the need for counselling especially at this time of global pressures in diversity. Counselling in general attempts to provide encouragement and support and guidance for those who are facing different issues of life. Such issues include: health, marriage, bereavements, employment, depression, career/education, business and finance, losses, and so on. Counselling is like “scaffolding”. It can help people to cope more appropriately with unpleasant life problems, inner conflict/confusion. It can also help to deal with prevailing emotional crisis and conflict resolution thereby providing inner healing. Furthermore, counselling helps to provide assistance to individuals members of a family to resolve complex interpersonal tension in order to foster effective relationship. Clients need to understand the fact that counselling is not a substitute for professional legal/ advisory services. Counselling seek to help the clients to help themselves solve their own problems.



Subject to availability of administrative, financial and human resources Community Counselling Services will attempt to offer counselling in the areas listed below.

  • Personal Issues: Loneliness, Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, Anger, Anger and Addiction.
  • Interpersonal Issues: Marital Issues, Conflict Resolution, Extra Marital affairs, Domestic Violence and Abuse etc.
  • Family Issues: Premarital Counselling, Family conflict and Resolution, Pregnancy Issues, Raising Children, Divorce and Re-marriage.
  • Emotional Issues: Physical Illness, Grief/Bereavement, Singleness, Self-Esteem, Choosing Life Partner/Dating
  • Other Issues: Faith/Religion, Addictions, Financial Issues, Vocational/ Career Counselling, Youth/ Young Adult.

Because of the sensitivity of this service (counselling) we guarantee our clients strict confidentiality and comfortable environment. Whatever discussed during the session cannot be divulged to the third party or for any form of legal proceeding. Neither is the counsellor liable to be a witness in any court proceeding on behalf of the client against the third party. Counselling is purely conversation between the Counsellor and the Counselee. It is not a written document for legal or advisory purposes.