Prophet Johnson Akinfenwa

Johnson Akinfenwa is the president of Joshua Generation World Outreach Ministries and the Director of Voice Of Prophecy International Outreach based in the United Kingdom.

He is also the Director of Counselling and Spiritual Consultant to Church Leaders, Politicians, Company Executives, Business Men and Women, and the Professionals from different spheres of life e.g sport/entertainments, media and education.

Having being in Pastoral ministry for nearly three decades, he was ordained and consecrated to the office of a Prophet in 2007. He is passionate to see the restoration and effective function of true prophetic office these days as a channel by which God speaks to the church and the world at large.

Prophet Johnson ministers the word of God with sharp prophetic insight. He is a prophetic teacher and itinerant conference speaker. Churches, Ministries, Nations and individual have benefitted from his Prophetic ministry. As the director of Voice of Prophecy International Outreach (VOPIO), he featured on TV, sharing God's mind for the church and the nations around the world. As a praying prophet he is a convenor of Annual National Prayer and Fasting of Repentance, Revival and Healing for the United Kingdom. He is also the co-ordinator of National Prophetic Prayer Movement, a movement for spiritual awakening and revival of Christian heritage in different regions of the UK.

He is also the course Director of Prophecy, Prayer and Impartation Training Centre This is a centre designed to train individual believers on how to hear God personally and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

As a Prophet to the nations, God gave him prophecy about 9/11 three years before the diabolical act of terrorism was carried out in America. In fact this is the exact quotation of the prophecy from his prophecy note( as given in February 13th 1999)

“America shall experience its worst cases of terrorism in its history, which will involve the destruction of aeroplanes and major economic centres”.

Just exactly as God had prophetically spoken three years earlier through Prophet Johnson, on the 9/11/2001, aeroplanes were used to carry out this callous act of terrorism in which twin tower buildings( major world economic centre) were destroyed and sadly with many loss of lives.

More of his prophetic messages to the nations especially the UK can be viewed on the YouTube(Voice of Prophecy TV) or you can just type prophecy by Johnson Akinfenwa on YouTube. You can also read the hard copies of the prophecies also on our website.

Prophet Johnson is the author of many books including: Praying Prophet and Prophetic Intercessors, The Power In The Blood Of Jesus, The King, the Bride and the Spirit,

Unveiling The Mystery Of Resurrection, How to use the power in the blood of Jesus for result-oriented prayer, How To Walk In Supernatural Authority As Sons Of God.

Johnson holds a Bachelor degree in pure chemistry and Certificates in Counselling and Psychology. He counts it as a great honour to be called into the service of the Kingdom as a Prophet and an Intercessor. He is married to his lovely wife, Pastor Funmilola Akinfenwa and they were blessed with five children.